Students and their families are invited to a Family Science Night at the school. Engineering Science Quest, from the University of Waterloo, will offer small-group workshops in several classrooms and a variety of interactive activities in the gym. Children and their parents will have the opportunity to experience hands-on science and engineering, and get excited about learning together!


Classroom workshops will take about 40 minutes each and include the following activities for all ages:


o   Crash Cars – Working as mechanical engineers, students will design, build and test their own crash car that must safely carry a water ballon passenger in a high impact collision!


o   Enginuity – How creative can you be as an engineer? Students will have to design and build a device that can transport marbles from one destination to another as fast as possible!


o   Floating Cities – Students will design a structure that is capable of being maintained on water, instead of land. Can your city survive?


o   Squishy Circuits –  Learn about electricity by building special circuits! Instead of using metal wires, we use playdough!


o   Kaleidoscopes – Learn about light, colour and mirrors while building your own Kaleidoscope to take home!


o   Brain Blaster – Students will design helmets to protect their model brains, and then subject them to impact testing! Can you prevent a concussion?


Empire Public School

Wednesday April 16

6 – 7:40 pm